Greetings delegates. Thank you very much for being associated with AMIGMUN 2017. Hope that the Society was able to live up to your expectations for everything we had under our control. See you at AMIGMUN’18!


Reminder for Position paper

Greetings delegates!
Your position papers are to be mailed to your respective Executive Boards by tomorrow 23:59:59 (7 August). Failure to send a Position Paper will amount to you not being eligible for an award. Check the Position Papers section for email id.

Position Papers

Email ID’s for the submission of position papers have been put up in the Position paper section of the Delegate Resources category. Last date for submission if 8th August 2017. All delegates are requested to adhere to it.

Happy Researching!

Practice Session

Greetings Delegates,
There is a practice session scheduled for tomorrow i.e 2nd of August in the zero period.All the students participating are requested to be there as soon as possible after giving their attendance to their class teacher after the morning assembly.
See you there !!!

Research Portals

Greetings Delegates,
It is a humble request from the Organizing Committee that please go through the research portals of your respective committees very thoroughly as your executive board members have put in a lot of effort to make these portals so that you can understand things better.The portals contain very vital information which will surely help you to be the best.
Thank You

Practice Session

Greetings Delegates,
This is to inform all of you that there is a practice session scheduled for all the students from classes 8-12 taking part in the Intra MUN from 8-10:40 AM on Saturday ,29th July 2017. Delegates are requested to come in the school uniform.
See you there !!

We The People of the United Nations