Greetings delegates. Thank you very much for being associated with AMIGMUN 2017. Hope that the Society was able to live up to your expectations for everything we had under our control. See you at AMIGMUN’18!


7 thoughts on “Farewell”

  1. This has been my first MUN but I am sorry to say that the experience hasn’t been at all good in fact, according to me the judges who handed over the awards weren’t even present at the the show. For two days, I was in the conference staff and I didn’t complaint about it. In fact I did the work with as much enthusiasm as the delegates. And I did all this, despite being sick and have a twisted ankle, just to win the award as I’ve never won a proper award and I was positive that I will win this one award. If the best conference staff would have been from any other committee, then I wouldn’t have minded but the award went to a guy who was from my committee and this guy did almost no work. The experience almost makes me refrain to participate in any other MUN ever.

  2. This year’s MUN was great! Everything was great the EB, the experience… I always thought MUN is boring.. but this experience made me realize that MUN is so much fun and interesting. Will surely take part in MUN’s further!

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