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Greetings Delegates,
It is a humble request from the Organizing Committee that please go through the research portals of your respective committees very thoroughly as your executive board members have put in a lot of effort to make these portals so that you can understand things better.The portals contain very vital information which will surely help you to be the best.
Thank You

6 thoughts on “Research Portals”

  1. Hello sir actually I had a doubt:
    So for instance I am Arianna Huffington the CEO at Thrive global and the co-founder of The Huffington Post then what should be my aim – Earning money or earning fame or doing the companies profit ( I am really sorry for asking such a stupid question but I am confused, what to do)

    1. Hi Kashish, it really depends upon you. If you are a CEO, first read your company policy and then decide what your official stance is.

  2. So are these gonna be ALL that will come up in the MUN or do we need extensive research out of these links too?

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