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Committees and Agendas

United Nations General Assembly
Agenda: Status of rights of LGBTQ+ community around the world

UNFCCC Conference of Parties 24
Agenda: Establishing a compliance mechanism for Paris Climate Change Agreement

United Nations Human Rights Council
Agenda: Reviewing the right to self determination with respect to  (a) Kashmir (b) Balochistan (c) Catalonia and (d) Palestine

Islamic Development Bank (OIC)
Agenda:  Emergency meeting of the IDB

United Nations Peacebuilding Commission
Agenda: Review of the situation in (a) Afghanistan (b) Syria (c) South Sudan and (d)Central African Republic

Constituent Assembly of India (1948)
Agenda: Defining states’ rights and division of powers

European Great Powers
Agenda: Napoleonic Wars and the Concert of Europe

We’re Back!

We’re glad to announce that AMIGMUN 2018 is scheduled for 25th to 27th of April!
See you there!

PS: It is mandatory for students of class 9th to participate.  Optional for classes 10th to 12th.