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Updated Allotments

Good Afternoon Delegates,

You all are requested to check the updated allotments as there have been a number of changes in the allotments due to a very high response of students willing to participate in the INTRA Mun.

Agendas out

  1. General Assembly – Future of the world environment protection and conservation regime with emphasis on Paris Accords
  2. Open Ended Working Group on SDGs – Implementation of SDGs in conflict regions
  3. Security Council – Reviewing unilateral and multilateral intervention
  4. World Economic Forum:
    1. Shaping the future of economic growth with special emphasis on social inclusion
    2. Mitigating threats to global free trade
  5. African Union – Reviewing Agenda 2063 with emphasis on Aspiration Numbers 3 and 4
  6. AIPPM – Critical analysis of current socio-political situation with regard to Uniform Civil Code
  7. National Security Council – Emergency session
  8. Human Rights Council – Human rights of people living in:
    1. Myanmar:
    a. Status and rights of people
    b. War crimes committed against the people
    2. Balochistan:
    a. Status and rights of people
    b. Self determination of Balochistan
    3. Abkhazia and South Ossetia:
    a. Question of statehood

Back with a Bang!

We now officially declare AMIGMUN 2017 on the 9th and 10th of August.

Allotments for 9th grade have been uploaded, check your allotment in the Conference section.
Practice session for grade 9 tomorrow zero period, see you there!