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Greetings Delegates,
Attached below is basic aid for all members participating in the HRC, IDB, COP24, GA and UNPBC. delegates are recommended to go through the documents in order to help them perform better.
(Guide to conventional UN Councils)
(Argumentation and how to frame speeches)

Credits: Agastya Sen



Below are the email IDs for sending the Position Paper as described by the Executive Board. No position papers sent post 24th of April 11:59:59 will be accepted.








Dear Delegates,
Attached below are the links to the various whatsapp groupsĀ  for the committees. Delegates are requested to join groups only of their own committee. Thank you.

P.S: A group for CAI has already been made. Kindly contact the EB to become a part of it.

Islamic Development Bank

United Nations General Assembly

Conference of Parties 24

European Great Powers

United Nations Peacebuilding Commission

United Nations Human Rights Council

Greetings delegates,

The executive board and the secretariat for the MUN is out.Pls check it under the Conference section.




Final Allotments

All delegates are requested to check their allotments once again as the final list has been uploaded . This list contains all allotments of students participating and it is our humble request that you check your allotments properly to avoid any confusion during practice sessions.

Note- Your previous allotment might have been changed .This is the final and updated allotment and you have to go to that committee which you have been allotted in this list irrespective of what you were allotted previously



Final Allotments

All the delegates are requested to check their new allotments onceĀ  as there might have been certain changes to your previous allotments. These are the final allotments and no change shall be made.


Organizing Committee

All the delegates are requested to check the updated allotment list by 4.30 pm today. The allotments uploaded by 4.30 will be the final ones.

Organizing Committee

Practice Session 1

The first practice session is scheduled for 0 period tomorrow!
Venues are as follows
General Assembly – MP Hall
Islamic Development Bank – Yoga Room
COP24 – AV Room
Human Rights Council – 9A
European Great powers – 9B
UN Peacebuilding Commission – 9C
Constituent Assembly of India – 9D