MUN Society


                 MUN Society (2018-19)

President: Ayan Gupta
Vice President: Pradyuman Singh
Vice President: Manas Dhal
Secretary: Pranav Tevatia
Joint Secretary: Vishnu Pandey
Joint Secretary: Hardik Chaubey

1. Shivank Chibber
2. Yajur Lath
3. Nimish Aggarwal
4. Yojasvdeep Chauhan
5. Ayush Kaushik
6. Kriti Panwar
7. Akanksha Aggarwal
8. Omakshi Arora
9. Tanvi Mann
10. Parul Munjal
11. Sparsh Aggarwal
12. Parth Singhal
13. Avisha Dhiman
14. Vaibhav Aggarwal
15. Aryaman Kaul
16. Pulkit Goyal
17. Simran Tuteja
18.  Rachit Gupta
19. Tanush guha
20. Aaryan Punia
21. Devesh Pasari
22. Arjun Takoria
23. Tijil Arora
24. Rahul Singhal
25. Ishika Chauhan
26. Nipun Ahuja
(Those in bold represent Core Committee Members)


74 thoughts on “MUN Society”

  1. hi i am aadit gupta, Egypt in security council and wanted to know who is my 2nd delegate as it is not mentioned

      1. Do we have to come in formal attire in AIPPM? Will kurta-pyajama be acceptable? I saw many people in AIPPM last year wearing traditional Indian clothing.

  2. Requesting the MUN Society to give me an opportunity to represent a male personality instead of a female personality in World economic forum.

    1. Hi Indranil
      Irrespective of your post if you perform well you can still get an award.Allotments whether male or female don’t matter in a conference

      1. HI this is Adya , from the World economic forum too .. and I am representing a male personality and would like to exchange it with Indranil if he has no issues am I allowed ?

        1. Hi Adya. It really does not make a difference whether you are male or female. You won’t have to behave like females or anything. What matters is what you do and how you do, and you do not even have to dress like a male/female if you are given that personality. Focus on research and knowing more about your personality than his/her gender.

    1. Hi Rohan. One more session this week, details will be intimated later.
      Agendas out. BG, EB, IP to be out later.

  3. Hi this is Viren Aggarwal from world economic fourm and I am representing Jack Ma the problem is that it is hightled in yellow what is the reason behind it

  4. Hi i am aadit Gupta in unsc it is showing that country alloted to me is Nicaragua but in real it is china so pls edit it

  5. Hello, This is Kartikey Sharma from class 9G. I am in the conference staff. The problem is that I was told today in class that a member of the conference staff has an important job but they dont have to utter a word for two days. The problem is that I want to speak and I want to become a Delegate. I was a delegate of the Dominican Republic earlier but it is changed. Can I change my allotment? It will be good to have reply ASAP.

    1. Delegate please be careful while doing this. Talk to Madhu Shweta ma’am about this. The Secretariat has other logistical constraints to look after rather than address these issues due to a lack of understanding. Though we understand your concerns, there is little we can do until we receive a formal request from a teacher incharge.

  6. Hi …I am Arjun delegate of UNGA. So earlier my delegate was Aishwarya Bhagat but when I checked today at school it was nimish Aggarwal. And when again checked after going home it was Aishwarya Bhagat which was my earlier delagate which one should I believe

    1. Serving as link between Executive Board and delegate by passing chits. It requires great patience and observational skills to be a good conference staff member (two awards as well for the Best Conference Staff member).

  7. I had been told aout my allotment in the unhrc but in the allotment chart i have still not recieved my country.

  8. hi i am adya i wanted to ask if the rules of procedure are same for the students in the world economic forum ?

  9. hello i am shubham bansal of 9i. i requested for the change of my co-delegate gourav dahiya 2 days back and till now there is no response. i can’t start my work as he not available at any time. you and madhu shweta assured me that he would be changed. but there is no response. please let me know. i am the delegate of sweden in security council.

  10. the resolution making and the report segment writing is showing an error. i would request the authority to please look into it.

    1. Delegate ipads and mobile phones are not allowed in any committee. If you wish to carry your research we request you to either bring a laptop or hard copies of the documents.

    1. Delegate the attire for AIPPM is Western Formals and/or Indian Traditionals. Therefore youare allowed to wear formals in the AIPPM.

  11. hi i wanted to ask if we can wear a formal dress and not a pant and a shirt in the conference in the world economic forum ?

    1. Delegate the attire for the intra MUN has to be inline with the school’s dress code. We request you to read the school almanac for further information.

  12. Do we have to wear the dress of the leaders we are representing on Tuesday.
    Please mention when to wear the costumes
    Thank you

  13. Hi!

    I want to know what position papers really are. What do they contain and how one should create a ‘good’ position paper?

  14. Hi !
    I want to change my allotment from conference staff (COP24)to a speaker of an alloted country .
    Please change my allotment as i dont have any interest in being a conference staff

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