A Summons to All Delegate-Kind

Dear Delegates,

In our eleventh year, we are deeply honored to continue AMIGMUN with its engaging crisis committees that encompass a wide range of topics, time periods, and regions.

By offering all these exciting opportunities, we hope that it will motivate the delegates to become aware of world issues. It is a way to become a concerned global citizen, for in this era of globalization, being universally aware is of the essence. The delegates will be engaging in complex negotiations to solve some of the most pressing issues in international affairs.

Furthermore, Model UN builds confidence, leadership and diplomatic skills . These are skills that will be needed throughout one’s life. But above all, MUN is a CHANCE given to every student to speak! To make their voices heard!

So, step up and have the best experience you could possibly have in this lifetime.

MUN is friendship. MUN is knowledge. And most importantly, MUN is fun.

-Aanya Bhargava

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