Undoubtedly, the foundation of AMIGMUN has always been successful in fabricating assertive and eloquent speakers, writers and thinkers. In today’s era, wherein comprehensive and holistic learning plays a cardinal role, MUN serves best as a forum.

 It is no exaggeration to say that MUN has been constructive for students to build diplomatic and leadership skills, thereby preparing them for a significant future. Today, the 11th edition of AMIGMUN remarks the journey towards achieving another milestone.

The grand opening ceremony commenced with the propitious lighting of the lamp and a pious ode dedicated to Goddess Saraswati. Keeping in mind the Amity tradition, our esteemed guest, Mrs. Prem Lata, the District Education Officer of Gurugram was cordially welcomed and felicitated with a potted plant.

The honorable principal, Mrs. Arti Chopra stimulated and uplifted the delegates to make the best of the exposure being provided to them. The mellifluous rhythm was set by the School Choir.

 Finally, the secretary general, Ayan Gupta stated that in his opinion, MUN is the most beautiful form of self-expression that helps students to possess prudent analytical skills and to form friendships that last forever. As the gavel thumped, the most awaited session was now declared open!

-Saloni Kaushik

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