International Press

Under the guidance of the Principal / Head Secretariat Ms. Arti Chopra, The Chef de Cabinet Ms. Kusum Kapoor, Ms. Manisha Sharma and Ms. Shweta Ahluwalia, the International Press works consistently in order to showcase the best of what the MUN offers.

Unbiased reporters, observant caricaturists, sprightly photographers and thoughtful videographers constitute the IP of AMIGMUN 2019.

The IP works meticulously with the intention of capturing the most fruitful parts of the debate, the comical expressions of the delegates and the diligent manner of the Executive Board. We aspire to be recorders and reporters of the facts, not judges of the behaviour we describe.


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ISSUE 1 and 2



IP Being Felicitated by Resp. Principal Ma’am – Arti Chorpa