Words of Wisdom

Kusum Ma’am | Chef De Cabinet

In a bid to produce global citizens, it is a great honour for me to welcome you to
the 11th edition of AMIGMUN.
It’s been 11 years of inculcating values and etiquettes in the delegates who will go
on to become the leaders of tomorrow. Specialized committees like World War 2
Cabinet, UN High Level Panel and Asian Cooperation Dialogue have been taken up
this year to lift the level of deliberation about more pragmatic issues around the
globe and to discuss their solutions. The AMIGMUN team has consistently paid
meticulous attention to ensure the remarkable success of each one of its
previous editions, and 2019’s edition shall be no less. With the experience and
skills of our Secretariat team this year, I assure you that AMIGMUN will provide
the best experience to all delegates. They’ll learn not only to be good speakers but
also good listeners and even better thinkers. I hope that it nurtures the passion we all
have for this unique art and that they carry on the legacy of learning and leading!
Good Luck!
Kusum Ma’am | Chef De Cabinet

Secretary General | Ayan Gupta

Greetings Delegates,
It gives me immense pleasure to welcome all of you to the 11th edition of AMIGMUN organized by AISG46. I hope that over the coming couple of days, all of you are able to learn something new and even join us going forward through the MUN Society. I wish you all the best for the upcoming and exercise and please remember, whatever you do in life, persevere. Do not give up and success will follow you.As is common ritual in the MUN Society, I’d like to end my message by saying, May the force be with you!

~Ayan Gupta | Secretary General | AMIGMUN-19

President of MUN Society

Starting from the eighth grade, MUN society has shaped me and established my personality to what I have become today. To me MUN means a lot and it has given a lot to me over the years. It is like a family to me- Rudraksh Lakhra, Ashwin Tewari- who have trained me into what I am.

The training and efforts put into me have taught me the spirit and passion of winning and I intend on taking this legacy forward as I go on. I hope MUN teaches you what it has taught me over the years- winning and the passion to win- and I hope this spirit is passed onto the upcoming MUNers.

At the end I would just like to say that there are clubs, there are societies and then there is the MUN society.

Good Luck!

Pradyuman Singh | President | MUN Society